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LMR Projects


Large engineering endeavors can be designed and implemented in one large project or broken into a sequence of smaller projects. The latter, incremental approach has a major advantage for use in river rehabilitation, because the science and engineering involved is much more uncertain than say building a house or a canal. Incremental rehabilitation offers the opportunity to try at a pilot scale what you think will work based on design analysis. Then, over time you can iteratively improve all phases of how projects get done, make each individual project better, and increasingly evaluate how the entire system is functioning as a whole. These are major benefits of an incremental approach, and this is the approach taken on the LMR. As a result, projects are organized chronologically.

LMR Project Map

The map below shows the locations of the projects done by UCD and EBMUD from 1999-2004. The same location was used in 1999 and 2004. The 2000 site was done by EBMUD alone without UCD or SHIRA. The blue and red 3D circles are not navigation buttons in this version of the website.

Project Site Web Pages

Click the image or text links below to go to the web pages that explain each site's project details.