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Mokelumne River


During 1999-2007, the lower Mokelumne River (LMR) was used as a testbed for developing SHIRA. The first year, 1999, involved a shadow effort in which the first cycle of SHIRA was employed as a desktop exercise only. In 2000 there was a hiatus while results were analyzed comparing predictions and observations. The actual SHIRA-based SHR projects began in 2001 and continued through 2007. At the end of the demonstration project, EBMUD was provided with a long-term plan for how to continue on with SHR for many years to come. Since 2007 EBMUD has continued regular SRH projects on the LMR based on the long term plan.

Here we present information on all phases of LMR SHIRA-based rehabilitation projects carried out in 1999 and 2001-2004. For results since then, please contact EBMUD's fisheries branch.

LMR Web Pages

The LMR site description link explains overall LMR management goals for rehabilitation as well as which scientific hypotheses were tested by using rehabilitation projects as large-scale manipulative experiments.

The LMR projects link directs you to available information about each rehabilitation project.