The Integrated Design Approach to Designing In-Stream Spawning Habitat Enhancement Projects
University of California. University of California. 100 pp., 2002
by Wheaton, J.M., and Pasternack,G.B.

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Demonstration Project to Test a New Interdisciplinary Approach to Rehabilitating Salmon Spawning Habitat in the Central Valley. Final Report for Cooperative Agreement DCN# 113322G003.
University of California. University of California. 299 pp., 2007
by Pasternack,G.B.

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SHIRA-Based River analysis and field-based manipulative sediment transport experiments to balance habitat and geomorphic goals on the lower Yuba River.
Cooperative Ecosystems Studies Unit (CESU) 81332 6 J002 Final Report.
University of California at Davis, Davis, CA, 569pp. 2008

by Pasternack, G.B.

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